Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Overview – Enthralling House Insanity

From the second the Guardians of the Galaxy are launched as a space-faring crew that can do something for a fast buck, it’s abundantly clear how a lot of a dysfunctional mess they’re. Gamora and Rocket are at one another’s throats. Drax and Star-Lord don’t see eye to eye. And nobody is listening to Groot. For the subsequent 15-plus hours of gameplay, I listened to those misfits bicker, hurl insults, and chatter nonstop – a lot to my enjoyment.

After I say “nonstop,” I imply they by no means cease speaking. A second hardly ever goes by with out the Guardians sharing their ideas. I’m not exaggerating this frequency. Any moments of quiet made me query if the sport was not working correctly. The quantity of dialogue that Eidos-Montreal crafted is off the charts, and most of it’s properly penned, providing the witty humor, heartfelt intimacy, and sheer chaos you’d anticipate from the Guardians.

Drax’s incapacity to grasp frequent colloquialisms and phrases brings massive laughs and is simply pretty much as good as James Gunn’s tackle the character within the Guardians’ films. I’ve by no means mentioned this in a evaluation earlier than, however the dialogue is the very best a part of the sport. Eidos-Montreal knocked it out of the park. The remainder of the sport delivers loads of enjoyable however with various ranges of high quality and polish – the latter subtly hurting vital areas of the expertise.

It took me a number of hours to heat as much as each Star-Lord and the fight system. Peter Quill is a bit grating from the outset however comes round when the crew dynamic begins to gel, and the story softens from its general bombastic tone to permit him to indicate his emotional facet. I ended up adoring him over time, particularly when he’s speaking to himself.

His story is effectively written, and Eidos-Montreal did a wonderful job injecting his management qualities into the motion and decision-making. Gamers are in complete management of Star-Lord and can decide the street your crew takes. These decisions aren’t on the identical seismic scale as a Mass Impact recreation and don’t change the story a lot, however do supply enjoyable alternate sequences and much more dialogue.

I can’t converse to the entire outcomes that stem from these decisions, however the dozen-plus I skilled in a second playthrough had been simply pretty much as good and flowed as naturally as these in my first run by the sport. Whereas it was to enjoyable to soak up the completely different humor or distinctive gameplay sequences I missed earlier than, they weren’t sufficient for me to wish to hold going to see how the second journey could be completely different. Once more, issues aren’t altering a lot.

It is a recreation the place the narrative consumes simply as a lot time as gameplay. Given how pleasant the story is, I didn’t have an issue sitting again and anticipating an enormous chunk of my time, particularly once I had management over essentially the most vital choices. The attract of discovery anchors the story and touches every Guardian in ways in which flesh them out totally. I don’t wish to give away an excessive amount of of the plot, however the Guardians are chasing one thing evil that they unleash. That hook stays robust by many of the expertise, transferring at a pleasant clip and placing a fragile stability between severe and outright absurd.

Eidos-Montreal totally embraces “science-fiction” themes within the worlds, characters, and that evil entity of notice. The worlds steal the attention with their wildly coloured and oddly designed vistas. The characters are simply as bizarre (generally for comedic sake), and that evil beast strikes in essentially the most peculiar and astonishing methods.


Every world pushes the Guardians to lean into their distinctive talents to navigate treacherous terrain. The paths ahead are all the time linear and crammed with platforming sequences and fight arenas, very like the Uncharted video games. Whereas the participant solely controls Star-Lord – a call that works effectively for all gameplay facets – every Guardian will be summoned with a button press to carry out a selected process. These temporary inputs work effectively, and Eidos-Montreal even warps the character to the specified location to ensure you are transferring ahead at a strong tempo. You may summon Drax to knock over a pillar or Gamora to leap up onto a wall to offer you a lift as much as a platform. All of the Guardians’ strikes are used for environmental puzzle fixing, which begins enjoyable however loses its luster by repeated options.

The Guardians additionally play large roles in fight and are as highly effective as you’ll hope. Groot can upend enemies with a swarm of roots, Rocket blasts foes with a foolish variety of weapons, and Drax and Gamora use blades to slice and cube. For Star-Lord, nonetheless, this isn’t a recreation I’d invoice as an influence fantasy. His blasters are weak, and he should work laborious to drop even the lowliest of foes. All of the Guardians must be utilized in strategic methods to search out success. Star-Lord can sprint round shortly and tick away on the enemy’s well being, however his most important contribution is as a play-maker. When he desires to name upon a Guardian, time slows, and he can inform them to carry out a desired capacity. It’s not an influence fantasy, however a teamwork fantasy that finally ends up being immensely satisfying when every little thing is clicking because it ought to.

At its peak, fight is dealt with admirably by the controls, permitting the participant to whip throughout the sector, shortly spotlight targets, and simply as swiftly inform every Guardian what to do. Given what number of characters are onscreen at any given time, the fray appears chaotic, however there’s a violent magnificence to it, and also you oversee all of it, barking out instructions to rain demise in numerous methods. The Guardians can even chain collectively most strikes to really present the crew’s energy. By the top of the sport, the battles are wildly entertaining and ship a great problem. Oddly, the sport’s strongest capacity is a pep speak by Star-Lord, which all the time carries a bit humor, however pauses fight for much too lengthy and finally ends up being fairly annoying.

Now the dangerous information: The opening hours of fight are a tough and uneventful journey. Earlier than reliable threats come out of the woodwork, the Guardians tackle gelatinous cubes and spheres, conflicts which are as boring as they sound. With a great majority of talents locked away for over half of the sport, the true potential of the Guardians is stored at bay for much too lengthy, and the expertise suffers. This recreation is at its greatest when it’s excessive, and it will definitely will get there, however not shortly sufficient. The coaching wheels are on for half of the sport. A scarcity of polish throughout the whole expertise additionally hurts. Some animations are a bit jumpy, particular gameplay mechanics like sliding don’t supply a lot precision, and fight’s framerate will be tough at occasions.

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy

One other misfire is controlling the Milano in space-combat sequences. It’s cool in idea, however awkward controls and lack of a risk make these moments little greater than a visible showcase. The sport’s different distractions fare a lot better. Monitoring down completely different fits for every Guardian is a pleasant reward, and a few collectibles that seem on the Milano open new conversations and backstory.

As a fan of the Guardians’ comedian books and flicks, I totally loved Eidos-Montreal’s distinctive tackle this supergroup. The nonstop character banter and properly designed decisions make this a journey price taking, even when the gameplay takes a bit too lengthy to focus on the crew’s true potential.

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