Random: Please Do not Submerge Your Zelda Sport Boy Cartridges In Orange Juice

It appears apparent, however dunking your outdated online game cartridges in orange juice is not a good suggestion. That is the lesson that Solderking (AKA: Taylor Burley) is preaching in the mean time – in case you did not know, Burley typically asks his viewers to ship in gadgets which might be now not working, and his newest case was a replica of The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons that had, in keeping with its proprietor, just lately taken a dip in some candy, candy OJ.

The sport was cleaned as much as the most effective of the proprietor’s skills and even labored for a short while, however when it reached Burley’s desk it was refusing besides. As you possibly can see from the video, Burley is stunned at how good the sport appears to be like when he opens the cartridge up initially – however, upon eradicating the parts on the board, he shortly discovers that not the entire orange juice was cleaned up, and the acidic liquid had been quietly consuming away on the copper traces for a while.

The answer? Burley scrapes away the corrosion after which begins to painstakingly recreate the broken connections with strong 30 gauge wire – a job so tough he has to make use of a digital microscope and a pair of tweezers. To cap all of it off, Burley sprays on a particular coating which ought to be certain that any future dips in liquid will not wreck the cart.

Watching Burley work is unusually stress-free, and we might extremely suggest you try the opposite movies on his channel – particularly in the event you recognize the artwork of dealing with a soldering iron with a gradual hand.

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