Tremendous Smash Bros. Final Does Not Have Too Many ‘Anime Sword Customers’

Now that Sora’s arrival has sealed the deal on the Tremendous Smash Bros. Final roster for good, I can lastly say what I’ve been holding again for years: the sport doesn’t have too many “anime sword customers.” It’s essentially the most screeched criticism in regards to the recreation, and it drives me up a wall. Whereas I get the place it comes from, it’s additionally utterly overblown and inaccurate. I’m not saying you shouldn’t be involved with such a factor – selection is the spice of life, and nobody desires an overabundance of the identical character kind. However it isn’t almost as a lot of a problem as sword-haters would have you ever imagine, and I’m right here to show it in each scientific and absurd manner conceivable.   

First, let’s break down the time period “anime sword consumer.” What does that truly imply? The label “anime” doesn’t make sense as not one of the characters in Smash come from an precise anime. They’re all authentic online game characters. There isn’t a anime available. 

You could now be saying, “You’re arguing semantics. They look like anime characters.” I suppose? I imply, if you happen to’re saying they appear to be Japanese cartoons, then information flash: almost your entire roster falls into that distinction. Actually, the one non-Japanese fighters are Banjo Kazooie, Minecraft Steve, and – to get tremendous duper technical – the tie-wearing Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, and King Okay. Rool (as a result of Uncommon, a British studio, conceived these guys regardless of Nintendo proudly owning the characters). 

Don’t thoughts me; I’m simply poking enjoyable at this objectively foolish a part of the criticism. I do know the “anime sword consumer” time period arose from the perceived abundance of Hearth Emblem characters, fighters who finest match the prototypical “anime look” (no matter that’s). What individuals actually appear to imply is that there are too many Hearth Emblem representatives in Smash, although even that criticism barely holds water. Has anybody counted the roster? There are eight Hearth Emblem fighters in a recreation of 80+ characters. Actually take that in. Out of 82 characters (89 with Echoes, however we’ll follow the official quantity), solely eight hail from Hearth Emblem. Barely 10 % of the roster is an excessive amount of? 

Final’s roster has 11 characters from the Mario collection. Twelve if you embrace Donkey Kong (which he completely counts, however I’m being ultra-specific for the sake of argument). That’s roughly 14 % of the roster, nonetheless little or no within the grand scheme, however why does nobody flip their lids about this? Not solely that, however individuals had been screaming at Sakurai so as to add Waluigi! Hey, I’m one in all them – I’ve needed that purple goof within the recreation for years. However I additionally don’t complain about any collection having too many representatives. I odor some bias towards Hearth Emblem. 

Wouldn’t it be acceptable if Luke Skywalker, an American-made swordsman, joined the roster? That’s a rhetorical query, as I do know the principle drawback lies within the swords themselves. However for individuals who simply hate anybody who makes use of such a weapon it doesn’t matter what they appear to be or the place they arrive from, let’s break down what number of pure sword wielders the sport really has.

Out of Tremendous Smash Bros. Final’s 82-character roster, solely 22 use a sword as their major weapon. Right here they’re beneath:

  • Byleth
  • Chrom
  • Cloud
  • Corrin
  • Darkish Pit
  • Hero
  • Ike
  • Hyperlink
  • Lucina
  • Marth
  • Meta Knight
  • Mii Swordfighter
  • Pit
  • Pyra/Mythra
  • Robin
  • Roy
  • Sephiroth
  • Shulk
  • Sora
  • Steve
  • Toon Hyperlink
  • Younger Hyperlink

These fighters account for simply shy of 27 % of the entire roster, or a bit over 1/4. That may sound substantial, however it additionally means 60 characters don’t use swords as their important weapons. Sixty characters! Most preventing video games are fortunate to have 30 or 40 characters whole. “An excessive amount of” would counsel that not less than half the roster swings a sword. They don’t! To additional drive this level dwelling, and since nothing says “I’m proper” higher than a visible assist, I painstakingly created this useful and thrilling pie chart for reference: 

As you may see, the visible illustration of non-sword customers resembles Pac-Man. You recognize who additionally would not use a sword? Pac-Man. Coincidence? I feel not. What does it imply? One thing.

Taking a look at it like this, you’ll see that there’s an awesome variety of fighters that wouldn’t fall into the detested sword class. Thus, in actuality, there are a plethora of alternate options for individuals who despise sword customers with the burning ardour of a thousand Hotheads. So why are we nonetheless on about “too many sword customers”? 

There are additionally just a few caveats to contemplate that additional reinforce my argument: 

  • Sora’s keyblade isn’t a sword. It’s an enormous ol’ key. Positive, he swings it like a sword, however nobody would name me a swordsman if I swung a brush round. Typically it turns into one thing extra blade-like, however it received’t in Smash (possible as a result of lack of Disney involvement). 
  • Pit/Darkish Pit are primarily the identical character, so you can argue they depend as one sword consumer. Additionally they wield twin swords that play extra like twin daggers than something. Not your grandmother’s sword consumer in any respect. 
  • The Hyperlink trio performs largely the identical with some slight variations, so you can additionally argue they’re simply variations of a single sword consumer.
  • Steve barely cracks this record as his sword is certainly not the star of his moveset. He might simply be minimize. 
  • Nobody cares about Mii Swordfighter. Interval. 

Look, I’m not saying you need to like Sephiroth, Lucina, or Shulk. I, too, get bored with Ike batting me round like his private shuttlecock. I’m simply saying that now Tremendous Smash Bros. Final is successfully completed, it’s time to retire the lame, worn-out “why can’t I maintain all of those anime sword customers???” criticism with it. Simply say you do not like them. The numbers don’t lie. Ornery followers, alternatively? Perhaps just a bit bit.

*Last notes to squash some potential rebuttals: 

  • Ganandorf wasn’t included as a result of he throws palms as typically as he whips out his broadsword. 
  • That is a knife that Joker makes use of.
  • You are significantly going to attempt to lump in Kirby? Actually? 
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