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what kind of caulk for shower

The best caulk to be used for showers should be 100% silicon. The silicon part helps in waterproof property which is highly considered when it comes to showers. There are several types of caulks which can be used for shower depending on its performance, cost and availability. These are:

Silicone caulk

This type of caulk are very hard to break, waterproof, paintable, excellent ultraviolent protection and also they are very flexible. Despite of the strengths of this type of caulk there are also this part that brings about its disadvantages. Some of the disadvantages it has are:-

  • It is very difficult to smooth which makes it difficult to archive some designs.
  • Requires mineral spirits for cleanup which are at times expensive
  • emits some bad smell unless cured i.e. it requires to be treated and thus increase cost
  • Its residue is hard to stick even to the new Silicon
  • It is limited to clear, white and almond color i.e. decoration is limited to these colors.

Acrylic Latex

This type of caulk is general purpose, this kind of caulk is batter compared to the silicon one. It is more preferable for the showers. It has the following strengths:-

  • Smoothens easily.

During installation this kind of caulk is easily applied and molded to attain a desired outlook because of its smoothness.

  • It can be cleaned with water.

Water is readily available and non-expensive the silicone caulk this type of caulk which require some other heavy solvents to clean some parts which may have sprinkled accidentally.

  • It is not much smelly.

The latex caulk doesn’t have a shouting smell and thus the room to be applied doesn’t have to have much ventilation to control the smell that can lead low privacy in the rooms.

  • It also comes in rainbow color assortment.

Colors attracts a lot especially in places where we visit so much times in our day to day routines. This gives advantage to people to choose their desire colors.

  • It’s ability to dry fast.

This makes more efficient in terms of urgency. The fact that you don’t have to wait for a long period of time before you use the place applied.

  • It’s economical

This type of caulk is non expensive easy to apply and mostly recommended since doesn’t require other complimentary service.

  • It suits all weather conditions

This is suitable for both wet conditions of the showers and also when water temperatures are high it adjusts hence avoiding scrambling.

Pure silicon

This type of caulk is also preferable for shower because of its ability to resist moisture and water understanding that showers are concerned with water it is very typical ideal to use this kind of caulk for the showers. The good thing about this pure silicon is once you install it will last for decades. The disadvantages it has are as follows

  • Its produces bad smell which makes more disadvantage since the applied places are places which people interact more often.
  • It requires heavy solvents to clean them from your hands.

For enquiring for the solvent for cleaning you have to incur some cost.

  • It doesn’t dry fast. This makes it in efficient because it requires a lot of to time to dry hence inconveniencing.

Adhesive caulk

This type of caulk is more tolerant to high humidity environments such as showers a mildecide has been added to it to prevent growth in the showers.

Adhesive caulk tolerance to water especially hot water gives it advantage to be used in showers. Also it’s durable and can last for a long period of time without scrambling and also very hard to break or shrinking.

Silicon rubber caulk

This is one of the brands that can be used in shower because of its waterproof and secure property. Once you have installed this brand of caulk you are free from fear of crumbling and shrining because of the hot water from the shower. This type of caulk can last up to five decades. It is also easily available and at lower cost. One of its great advantage is the durability warranty which serve a long period.