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Fast, affordable plumbing repairs for both residential and commercial customers including drain repair and cleaning, toilet repair, faucet repair and garbage disposal repairs throughout the entire Plumbing Repair Lexington Kentucky area. Robert Wallace Plumbing is the area’s leading plumber!

Emergency Lexington Plumbing Repair Services. . . 24 Hours a Day!

Plumbing repairs in your home are typically not an enjoyable event for any homeowner to be in we know. However, Robert Wallace Plumbing wishes to aid residents on different tasks that can regularly be executed to keep ones plumbing system operating at peak performance. Compared with other home systems like the cooling and heating system, home plumbing maintenance is usually considerably less complicated for the majority of homeowners to make repairs that could possibly be required, and to do regular upkeep. We have lots of strategies and information in our blog that are valuable too. Throughout times when you require our professional services at Plumbing Repair Lexington KY, we are constantly ready to help.

Robert Wallace Plumbing is happy to be a long standing plumbing company in the Lexington Kentucky area over the years. We comprehend that cost is an important element in finding a plumbing repair service provider so we endeavor to provide economical pricing for our repair and detection services.

If you are trying to find a genuine, reputable, and affordable plumbing company, look no more. By utilizing us for your residential and commercial plumbing services, you will receive the very best service feasible.

Our Lexington Plumber Services Consist of

Drain and Sewer Cleaning and Repairs
Slab and Water Leak Detection and Repair
Water Pressure Issues
Slow Drains
Hot Water Heater Repairs
Faucet and Sink Repairs and Replacements
Toilet Repairs and Replacements

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A Snapshot of Our Plumbing Repair Services


Garbage Disposal Repair


Toilet Repairs


Faucet Repair


Drain Cleaning